Are the trails free to use?


Are the trails ADA accessible?

The trails and parking areas are ADA accessible. As a result, electrically powered mobility devices for persons with disabilities, such as Segways and electric golf carts.The surface is fine compacted gravel, and there are no inclines. Due to the gravel surface you can expect some occasional irregularity in the surface.

Where can learn more about opportunities about group rides, runs, walks and other events on the trails and in the local area?

Are the trails safe?

The trails are safe but we recommend you review and follow some safety tips to ensure a positive trail experience..

Where does the name of the Ruby Jack Trail come from?

The name Ruby Jack refers to a type of mineral mined in the area long ago, and not to an individual. The mineral sphalerite, prized for the zinc ore it contains, has bright ruby red crystals on its surface. Miner’s slang for this mineral was ‘jack’. The mineral is no longer mined here, and it is doubtful you’ll find any along the trail. They have examples at the Joplin Mineral and Mining Museum

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, please keep your pet on a leash and under control at all times.

What kind of bike do I need to ride the trails?

Generally, any bike is fine, with the exception of a road bike with narrow tires.

What time are the trails open?

The trails are open from sunrise to sunset.

Can I ride an eBike on the trail?

Electrically assisted pedal-powered bicycles and tricycles (maximum speed of 20 mph) are allowed. Also allowed are electrically powered mobility devices for persons with disabilities, such as Segways and electric golf carts. Gas-powered vehicles, including ATVs and ORVs, are not allowed.

When will the Ruby Jack and Frisco Greenway Trails be connected?

Work has already begun on the challenge of building a trail to connect the Ruby Jack and Frisco Trails. Currently, we are seeking to put in a trail section, south of Stadium Drive in Webb City, behind the high school. We have purchased a section of old rail line north of that location, and will hope to convert that to trail in the not too distant future.

Is the Ruby Jack Trail finished?

Not quite. The first 14 miles from Carthage in the east, to CR JJ, west of Carl Junction are completed. There are 2 additional miles of undeveloped trail that extends to the Kansas state line to be completed yet.